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Website Help

To enable full use of this site we recommend the following browsers:

Desktop Users

Microsoft Edge
Firefox 88.0 and above
Chrome 90.0 and above
Safari 14.0 and above

Mobile and Tablet users will now have an improved experience as the site will adapt to your device

The site has been tested on iOS and Android devices

Browser & Display is best viewed at 1280x1024 (or higher) at 24bit (or higher).

  • The site is fully responsive and will adapt to low resolution screens
  • We recommend that Windows Users should use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
  • Apple Mac Users should use the latest versions of Firefox or Safari
  • JavaScript needs to be activated in your browser!
  • We cannot guarantee that all elements of the site will work if you do not use the recommended set up
  • We no longer support old browsers. Our policy is that we will support the current browser - 2 versions.

Download Speeds
We have made every effort to make this site as user friendly and speedy as possible. It requires a DSL broadband connection for desktop and a 3G> connection for mobile

This new 2015 site is not suitable for dial up connections

This site is packed with multimedia elements. We have used the latest encoding techniques to improve your online experience.

Jscript and HTML5– We have used Jscript or HTML5 for the most of the slide shows. This enables use with most mobile devices as well as desktop browsers.

Some of the in depth articles use Adobe's Reader Plug in/ActiveX Control. This improves the look of the documents and improves the functionality of your browser. In the unlikely event of you not having Adobe Reader follow the link below to install it, and it's free!

Get Acrobat

General Enquiries
If you have any general enquiries please contact us via our contact page.

Technical Website Problems

If you find any broken links or other technical problems only please contact us via our contact page.