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Thoughts for the Future

We hope that you find this site beneficial. As many of the current members will be aware this group has been running for many years and we thought that it would be a good idea to develop a webpage in order to benefit current members and nurses from different specialities and to attract new members to our group.

We have several new ideas and concepts for moving the group forward and, as always, would welcome your input and opinions on these as they are introduced over the next few months and years.  Please feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of the group or new ideas that you feel would be beneficial for us to pursue.

A few ideas have already been explored. We are hoping to enhance our relationship with patient organisations such as the Primary Immunodeficiency and Allergy Charities by establishing mutually beneficial collaborations.

We are planning to do a national mail out to all hospitals, encouraging nurses with an interest in Allergy and/or Immunodeficiency to join our community. This will take some organising and we hope to have support from the members of the group to assist us with this, by spreading the word at local level. We will keep you posted of progress of this project.

In the future we hope to explore further developments such as improving accessibility to information and enhanced networking opportunities and we would appreciate receiving your feedback on any proposed ideas. Personally, we would like to encourage an ‘open door’ attitude to contacting us the board and the webmasters and will bring your suggestions to the attention of the board and to the group.

Please send any comments or suggestions to any member of the board or the webmasters.

Family of four

Family of four Running